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Operations of DCIC during the second Lockdown effective 18th June 2021

Following the new directives issued by H.E The President in his address of Friday 18th June 2021, the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control in implementing our mandate of controlling, regulating and facilitating movements in and out of the country would like to inform the public about our operations in this 42 day lockdown as follows.

Passport Control

Passport application

  1. Application and payment for the respective passport categories remains online at
  2. Appointment schedules have been halted for 42 days
  3. All applicants that had already scheduled appointments will be able to reschedule their appointments once the 42 days are over
  4. Collection of Passports has also been halted for 42 days except for emergencies
  5. Verifiable emergency applications such as; medical cases, students on scholarships and government officials travelling for duty can be handled after clearance from the relevant officer


  1. All citizenship Applications and Digitisation applications can still be submitted online at
  2. Digitisation-applicants who are required to submit hard copies of their documents upon successful application will do so after the 42 days of lockdown

Immigration Department

  1. Borders remain open to tourists, cargo crew, Ugandans, foreign residents, and passengers in transit either by land or air.
  2. Visa applications must be made and paid for online at .
  3. Only travellers with approved visas having applied online will be granted entry into the country
  4. Airline operators are advised to carry only passengers with pre-approved visas for visa prone countries. Failure to comply, the necessary fines will apply.
  5. All inland transit passengers will be cleared to proceed.  
  6. All travellers coming and going out of the country are required to have travel documents and other evidence to support their travel.
  7. All other online applications and renewals for immigration facilities; that is, Entry/work Permits, Special Passes, Dependant Passes, Certificates of Residence can still be applied for online at

Inspection and Legal Services

  1. General Inspections and investigations have been temporarily halted but the Department shall continue to handle special cases when need arises.
  2. During the 42 days of lockdown, all subjects being referred to the Directorate by MDAs shall remain with the MDAS until the documentation for the removal process is complete
  3. Other work that will continue include: Appeals, removals, and Legal Services.
  4. All visitations to the custody center are suspended with immediate effect for a period of 42 days

General Guidelines

Operational hours for the Headquarters and Regional offices will be 0800hrs to 1500hrs. This does not apply to Points of Entry that work 24/7 or 12 hours.

For any clarification on these matters, please contact our Public Relations Office on telephones: 0800199003/0800199004 or email:

Maj.Gen Apollo Kasiita-Gowa



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