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Ministry Objectives


  1. Promotion of efficiency and effectiveness in the contribution to service delivery in the peace, justice and security issues.
  2. Promote efficiency and effectiveness in the coordination of service delivery of the Ministry.
  3. Promotion of alternative sentence to imprisonment, through the Community Service Programme to foster rehabilitation and/or reintegration of offenders.
  4. Promotion of dialogue and reconciliation between Government and dissidents and to resettle and reintegrate Reporters through implementation of the Amnesty Act.
  5. Control the proliferation of illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALWs) in the communities in collaboration with the relevant Government Ministries/Departments and the Civil Society Organizations.
  6. Collection, analysis and dissemination of early warning information and as well provide early response to prevent and mitigate conflict.
  7. Registration, regulation, coordination and monitoring of NGOs to ensure that their mandates are in line with Government policies and programmes.
  8. Provision of specialized scientific, analytical and advisory services to Government Departments responsible for administration of justice, Researchers and private sector for global competitiveness.
  9. Provision of safe, secure and humane custody of prisoners (remands and convicts).
  10. Facilitation and regulation of entry stay and exit of persons into and from Uganda.
  11. To coordinate implementation of the Trafficking in Persons Act.
  12. Issuance of National Identity Cards.
  13. Protect life and property, preserve law and order as well as prevent and detect crime.


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