Ministry of Internal Affairs Holds Annual Performance Review

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has concluded a two days Annual Performance Review workshop for the FY 2016/17 and agree on implementation of the FY 2017/18 work plan.
The event which was chaired by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. B. Mutambi, was attended by all Accounting Officers, heads of departments, and planners of institutions under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is part of a process that started on 3rd July 2017 when all lower units including, units, division, departments and directorates of each institution started reviewing their performance.
The report will now be submitted to Top management which will consider it on 26th and 27th of July 2017.

The Permanent Secretary urged his team to institutionalize Performance Management in the Ministry and tasked accounting officers to rollout the FY 2017/18 work plan.
He envisaged a shared vision after the workshop and challenged the team to ensure that this cascades to lower units. Participants were enthusiastic and requested the practice to continue.