Two day induction of Government Analysts into service at Government Analytical Laboratories head offices in Wandegeya.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Directorate of government analytical laboratories carried out a two day induction of new government analysts. The induction took place at the head offices in Wandegeya from 10th-11th August 2017. This function was presided over by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dr. Benon M. Mutambi who welcomed them into service and also encouraged them to love their jobs, “Avoid
criticizing your place of work because it has now become your home.”
He also reminded them that they should not expect pleasantries only in this job because there are challenges too, “There are choices to make but only those under your control. You can change yourself but you cannot change your boss.” The new staff were thoroughly also inducted on the way government works, what it comprises of , which ministry DGAL falls under and finally introduced to the
public service policies
The new staff got highly motivated through this two day induction that by the end all were filled with zeal to embark on the new roles being assigned to them. The
ceremony was closed by Alex Nkusaule, Counselor on behalf of the Director/ DGAL.