Friday, June 1, 2018

Police in Mbale have in custody a suspected Human Trafficker, Ahmed Salim. He was arrested on Monday 28th May 2018 following a complaint by a lady’s family; who he is suspected to have aided traffic to Oman. He was found with the lady’s National ID and ATM Cards from Centenary Bank, Finance Trust Bank and another Financial Card, as well as passports of three other ladies whose whereabouts are yet to be verified.

The Suspected trafficker Salim denied trafficking the lady and claimed he only ‘helps’ people, mostly ladies who want to work abroad especially in Oman and the UAE who are referred to him. He further claimed that the alleged victim was referred to him by an ‘Old Girl’ and he only offered to escort her to Kenya through Malaba from where she proceeded to Oman. He said that he only kept the ladies’ documents for safe custody.


The coordinator of Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, CP Moses Binoga said that Salim was arrested after the lady contacted her husband after being told enroute Kenya that instead of working in a Hotel as per the original agreement, she was instead going to work as a ‘House help’, something the husband felt rather suscipious about, especcially with the several gross stories of abuse of House helps. He informed the Police leading to the Man’s arrest

CP Binoga urged Ugandans who get jobs abroad or want to work abroad to ensure that they do so through registered companies whose list can be found at . He further urged caution and urged the public to report any suspected traffickers to police.