Immigration fully Operational in Karamoja Region: Kidepo Airfield boosting tourism in the area with both internal and international flights

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Immigration services in the Karamoja region had not been fully operational till July 2016 when a regional office manned by permanently stationed officers was set up. The Offices are at the JLOS House, Independence Avenue, Moroto Municipality. It has seven permanent Immigration staff from the three departments of Immigration Control, Legal and Inspection Services, and the Department of Citizenship and Passport Control. The region is comprised of seven districts, namely; Kaabong, Abim, Kotido, Moroto, Amudat, Napak and Nakapiripirit.

Some of the services offered by the Office include;

  1. Interviewing, receiving and processing applications for travel documents and passports
  2. Forwarding passport applications to the passport personalization center
  3. Delivery of  ready travel documents and passports
  4. Carrying out inspection and legal services in the region

The Border points in the region include Nakabata border post, Kamion border (Kenya), Opot pot border post (South Sudan), Amudat border post (Kenya) and Kidepo airfield.


Immigration has a work station at kidepo airfield and will in future have a resident immigration officer stationed there. It is fully operational with internal and International flights; there is increase of tourists in kidepo National park who come via Entebbe international airport with internal aircrafts or directly from other places. And the situation analysis as of May 2017 totals 25 passengers per month.


As a result of setting up this fully functional office, immigration services have been brought closer to the people; it is now cheaper to access Immigration services in the region given the fact that services can now be accessed locally, and not only in Mbale or Kampala as was happening previously.


The border points that have been opened and are operational have helped to ensure that human traffic across Karamoja region and neighboring countries is regulated.