Ministry Votes/Departments

Vote 009: Headquarters

  • National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons (NFP/SALW)
  • Amnesty Commission (AC)
  • Directorate of National Community Service (NCS)
  • NGO Bureau
  • Planning Policy and Analysis .

Vote 305: Headquarters: Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory (D/GAL)


 Vote 120: National Citizenship and Immigration Control (NCIC)

  • Office of the Director
  • Department of Citizenship and Passport Control
  • Department of Immigration Control
  • Department of Inspection and Legal Services

 Vote 144: Uganda Police Force (UPF)

  • Directorate of Administration.
  • Directorate of Police Operations
  • Directorate of Criminal Intelligence and Investigations
  • Directorate of Counter Terrorism (former Special Branch)
  • Directorate of Human Resource Management and Development
  • Directorate of Logistics and Engineering
  • Directorate of Interpol and Peace Support Operations
  • Directorate of Information and Communication Technology
  • Directorate of Political Commissariat
  • Directorate of Research, Planning and Development
  • Kampala Metropolitan Police

 Vote 145: Uganda Prisons Service (UPS)

  • Directorate of Correctional Services
  • Directorate of Prisons Administration.


Diretory of the Ministry

Minister:                                                                                                                   Maj.Gen Kahinda Otafiire

Minister of State:                                                                                                      Gen.  David Muhoozi

Permanent Secretary                                                                                               Lt. Gen. Joseph Musanyufu

Under Secretary:                                                                                                      Lynnette Bagonza

Director Government Analytical Laboratory                                                             Kepher Kuchana

Director Citizenship and Immigration Control                                                           Maj. General Apollo Gowa

Director National Community Service                                                                       Dr. Paul Kintu

Executive Director NGO Bureau                                                                              Stephen Okello

Coordinator National Focal Point:                                                                            Kirabira Florence

Commissioner Passport Control:                                                                              Brig. Johnson Namanya

Commissioner Immigration Control:                                                                         Col. Geofrey Kambere

Commissioner Legal and Inspection Services:                                                         Ali Ekwang Josephine Apili



Allied Institutions

Inspector General of Police                                                                                         Martin Okoth Ochola

Inspector General of Prisons                                                                                       Dr. Byabashaija

Executive Director National Identification Registration Authority                                Rosemary Kisembo